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Description Edit

The Amnesia games are 2 survival horror games, with very unique gameplay elements. The player is completely defenseless against any threat, making the Amnesia series very unique in an otherwise saturated market.

VR-Fix Guide Edit

Current Issues Edit

Amnesia has one main problem that hinders it from having a VR Experience: Its engine is built with the OpenGL API. As all VR Stereo Injectors hook into DirectX .dll files, we'll have to do even more work-arounds to get Amnesia into VR. Second: The game has a lot of mouse smoothing, or mouse accleration, which can hinder the VR experience as well, but this can be toggled off.

Step 1 - OpenGL 3D Vision (OGL3DV) Edit

Luckliy, some glorious bastards on the internet have decided that they didn't have enough crap in their pants, and found a way to get Amnesia working with Nvidia 3D Vision. So, I'm sad to say that AMD users are out of luck (Sorry guys, I still love you!). You can find the steps to setting it up here: OpenGL 3D Vision

Amnesia specific instructions Edit

We'll need to do change some settings within OGL3DV to get Amnesia working right.

Go to the directory that you have Amnesia in (If you have it on Steam, then go to the game, right click it and click on "Properties." Click the Local Files tab, and click "Browse Local Files".) Open up "3DVisionWrapper.ini" with notepad. Once you've done so, copy/paste my settings: Amnesia OGL3DV Settings

Step 2 - Oculus Overlay Edit

In order to get Amnesia to display correctly within in the Rift, we'll need to use Oculus Overlay

Step 3 - Headtracking with OpenTrack Edit

Now that we've got the game working in 3D, and showing correctly in the Rift, we'll need to get headtracking working as well, one of the most essential elements to VR. OpenTrack's setup steps can be found here: Open Track

For Amnesia, set the protocol to mouse emulation.

And that's it! You should be up and running with Amnesia in VR! Have fun!

Notes Edit

This fix also works with A Machine for Pigs.

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